Thursday, October 13, 2005

a visit with linda in san franisco

over the past weekend shanna and i had the opportunity to visit linda in the lovely town of san fransisco. san fransisco is a city of vast uniqueness. with a good friend as a guide, we carefully sampled the city atmosphere. hippies, wanderers, and many other types of liberals abound in this fair city; so we felt reasonably safe.

breakfast with linda, still safely out of the range of the trains.

photo by mefford williams

after breakfast we made tracks for a free street festival. our first show: two layered circus children.

photo by mefford williams

the public transportation in the city is great and user friendly if you happen to be traveling with a local. thanks much to linda, we were more effectively mobile than the other tourists.

photo by shanna powell

we saw the sights, traveling by foot, train, and bus looking for a reflection of ourselves in the dizzing metropolis.

photo by shanna powell

we didn't make it to the botanical gardens until after the sun went behind the hills; so no fabulous photos from that worldly garden.
only two more weeks of work, now before the long drive.


Jesse said...

You should send the hung phat picture into leno or letterman. whichever one does the funny picture skit.

guess who said...

new orleans is liberal how safe would you feel there ???

Mefford said...

new orleans. who would say something like that? and why would you want to hang out where the rivers are flat?

Shanna said...

hey there from Montecito Sequoia lodge, where the computers are slow but everything else kicks ass. Can't wait to see you on Sunday Mefford. Happy birthday Philly. Cheers all.

guess who said...

how many rivers are there in san francisco ????