Wednesday, September 28, 2005

birthday at mono lake

Sorry about the absence of posts. things are busy as usual; probably the same story for everyone. this week we're in the magnificent yosemite valley after a picturesque week in mono lake. Next week is an off week, which hopefully means some kayaking. More than likely i'll be fixing the car for the first half: need new calipers and pads on the front brakes again.
Fixing the car isn't so beautiful, but I did spend my birthday in quite a beautiful location. Here is the serene and mysterious 'Dead Sea of California', Mono Lake:

photo by Mefford Williams

Then it was a short drive over Tioga pass and into Yosemite for a week; Shanna working as a naturalist, myself as the cook.

Here is the screaming facial profile of the legendary Miwok Indian woman, Tissiak, known to pale face as Half Dome:

photo by Mefford Williams

I hope to have more up some, especially some shots of the upcoming car maintanence. Lots of love to everyone.

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Autumn said...

That picture of Mono Lake is breathtaking!!! Hello to the two of you!~Autumn