Monday, November 16, 2009

a little help

all smiles at fishtop, after two clean (albeit not-so-fast) green race runs:

photo by b a roberts

good afternoon blog fans. during my trip last fall to nepal, i fell into the upper seti river. not a life shattering event, but unfortunately my camera was in my hands as it happened.
as a result, i have been relying on my friends for photo content.

i plan on expanding this post as soon as i can get my hands on additional content.

for now, enjoy the available eye candy:

enjoying the fall foliage on the eastern escarpment

photo by daniel windham

don't get distracted by the color. sending it down the trail at kitsuma:

photo by daniel windham

embarrassing liza at a party:

photo by karen peerson

the leaves have turned and been blown off all the trees now; so the seasons have changed. it's hard to believe that i have been posted-up in asheville for a year straight. time flies...

all the best for now. back with more soon...