Tuesday, August 05, 2008

vassenden livin'

a photo bouquet from me to you

sorry to be so tardy bringing another update to all you blog fans out there. the tourist season is in full swing here on the west coast of norway, and the warm, sunny summer has definitely helped to keep us busy.
liza is very greatful, for the "real" summer weather allows her to wear sun dresses:

photo by mw

the long hours of sunshine have warmed up the lake water to the point that we are swimming comfortably, working our way down the river in shorts and short sleeves as long as the sun is shining. earlier i said something about photos of rafting being lame, but i thought i'd share some images from work and how we exploit all the thrill seeking visitors we have:

photo by amos perry shuman

amos having a great time as a rafting guide on another beautiful, sunny day on the jolstra river

photo by mw

our hero ronny "the shrek" loland splashing the customers

photo by mw

we often work as "safety" kayakers on smaller rafting trips to make doubly sure that everyone has a fun and safe experience on the river.
the author, keeping the guests safety in mind:

photo by amos "moose" shuman

although this is the heat of the business season here, we still have a chance to chill out and see the local sights.
the haugabreen glacier offers a scenic getaway from the stress of the workday. our company leads trips up to and on top of this glacier. ice climbing is exciting, and i am glad to have given it a try. although driving the rafting bus up the road leading to the glacier trail offers much excitement, too.
the trail follows the glacial melt water upstream to where the haugabreen spills down out of the mountains in ways and in colors that are beyond description:

photos by mw

liza, hiding from the chilly wind.

photo by mw

just around the corner from our valley, through a 7km road tunnel, and past the $35 toll runs the sogndalselva: a wild and scenic river by any definition. we met our good friend jono ramsay at the bottom, loaded up together in one car, drove to the top, and on the way down harvested the goods in what turned out to be an epic day (two swims) on this classic run.

the author

photo by jono ramsay

the moose

photo by mw

the barefoot gypsy, turned ocean going seismic engineer

photo by mw

i hope this blog post finds you all happy, healthy, and enjoying a wonderful summer wherever you might be.
all the best and a good night's sleep,

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