Friday, June 17, 2005

the beginning

photo by Mefford Williams
Welcome to the travels of Mefford Williams. In May of 2005, I left Asheville, NC to embark on an excursion of limitless possibilities first to California to begin teaching. This blog was created and will be maintained as a journal of my activities. My purpose and driving motivation behind the blog is to allow my families to have easy access to stories and photos of each and every one of my adventures where ever they may be: hence the name--para la familia.


steveyester said...

This blog is awesome. Now I can't wait until the next time I have to paint. Watching it dry promises to be more fun than reading this.

Steve Yester

Fred & Marti - Robin's Parents said...

WoW, Holy Smokes, Awesome & many thanks for putting your adventures all together for others to enjoy and envey. Fred and Marti