Saturday, November 19, 2005

nearly thanksgiving

the holidays are stomping their way ever closer, as is our launch date for new zealand. we still manage to fit in some good times on the river of course.
this past weekend shanna and I met up with philly, adam red beard, and john bubba roeder for an enjoyable, but overcast tallulah sunday.

Here's shanna leading the boys into the mini slotter:

photo by mefford williams

Shanna was firing it up as usual; here she is dropping into Oceana with Adam Red Beard looking on:

photo by mefford williams

I made a pass at "the thing" in Oceana as well. Here I am about to whited-out:

photo by philly williams

Here's philly comming out the bottom unscathed, with the crew in their boats awaiting his post-slide-smile:

photo by mefford williams

Stay tuned for another exciting episode. Same blog time. Same blog channel.

1 comment:

Philly said...

heck yeah man,that was good times... I definatly think we need to pull a repeat tomorrow...
i'll call ya about it later today!