Tuesday, November 22, 2005

close-ups at the tallulah

it was a family affair this last weekend at the tallulah. with maria, philly, shanna, and myself making up the kayaking crew while mateo held down the fort in the shuttle vehicle.
i just brought along the big camera lens on the river this time; so we've got some close-up action.

Here's philly in the mix of the action at the biggest rapid of the day:

photo by mefford williams

Maria impressed us all by firing-it-up with as much grace and style as the boys:

photo by mefford williams

I had the opportunity to get two good shots of Philly, because he, like myself, likes to hike-up and run the big one twice. Here's my little bro putting his shoulders forward for the big hit at the bottom:

photo by mefford williams

I look forward to having some holiday photos up soon. Much love and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Jesse said...

Happy Thanksgiving All.
See Ya Soon