Friday, July 01, 2005

royal gorge-the paddling perspectives

The Royal Gorge of the North Fork of the American is not the section most California map readers know; we put-on far upstream in illegal territory.
Robin, Amos, Toby, and I have just finished our three day river adventure which featured among other excitements: trespassing, boofing, plugging, seal-launching, and general river schinanigans.

photo by Mefford Williams

Our first day featured beautiful box canyons in dark basaltic rock in the early morning cold, emerging into white granite and the hot California sunshine by mid-day. Around two-o'clock we arrived where Shanna hiked in: Rattlesnake Falls, and set up shop for the night. After putting on at 6:30am, we were ready for some serious chillin' time.

photo by Toby MacDermott

One of the previously mentioned river schinanigans included a first day broken boat. My well traveled blue GUS had seen better days and needed to be held together with duck tape and zip-ties to handle its eight inch crack in the hull. With good impromptu repair skills and a little imagination we held her together for the three day trip:
Here I am breathing some life into the old girl:

photo by Toby MacDermott

For the second day we had some quality rapids with a clean twenty footer for breakfast and a mandatory twenty foot plus plugger for brunch, that we each enjoyed greatly.
Amos, brunch:

photo by Toby MacDermott

Robin, same:

photo by Toby MacDermott

Stopping for a group photo to signify our first multi-day river expedition, we set the timer on Toby's camera:

Goofing off, of course, was impossible to avoid as we mocked an IR add by another south eastern local:

photo by Toby MacDermott

That's the love for now. Look forward to more adventure stories and pictures later.

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