Sunday, May 18, 2008


i had an interesting trip on my way here to norway. we of the airplane generations must have a completely different idea of travel complications compared to those of our forefathers who were bound to the earth and sea.

i was delayed by weather flying from charlotte to chicago; missing my copenhagen connection, i was dealt a 24 hour layover in the windy city.

steep walls of unfamiliar territory

while i stood in the airport-hotel shuttle waiting area, steaming about my uncompensated inconvenience, an idea detonated in my head. as the mental shrapnel flew, i dialed up John "Bubba" Roeder's phone number.
you super-dedicated blog fans will remember bubba from the "september wedding" post. those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting the man, the myth, the legend that is bubba roeder will never truly be able to understand the wild and dynamic flux of every moment with this human of herculean character. the world is bubba's stage, and he commands it with the presence of james brown in his prime. "yeeeoooowww"

over the next twenty-four hours i would not only see a giant reflective bean, but would be given a locals' tour of a classic american city: from the original deep-dish pizza restaurant, to landmarks made famous by Al Capone, to the cowboy boots of Andre the Giant.

no kidding. andre the giant's cowboy boots

i should only hope that all the lemons of my future travel inconveniences could turn out to be this sweet.
many thanks to bubba.
stay tuned for more from the great norske land.