Wednesday, June 27, 2007


welcome back blog fans to another installment from the wonderful, wild happenings of your favorite scandinavian adventurers. we are back in voss. for the the extreme sports week: ekstremsportveko.
we made such a such a splash last time we were in town. we even made the evening news. to view that news clip click here the video plug at this site seems to be allergic to macs; so make friends again with someone you know with a pc.
amos and i were able to weasel out of work for the week by promising to represent jolster rafting in the raft race on friday, but our real reason for coming back to voss is, of course, the "hoo-ha" as robin betz would say.

amos eyeing the scando shu-shu:

photo by mw

rolling into town, our first stop was to the voss rafting center to touch base with the homeboys and collect beta for the week. the boys are super busy with rafting work here as a result of the great influx of people into voss for the festival, but mikey had some good news for me, "eden is in town. i'll give you his number." that is good news. all you dedicated and long term blog fans will remember eden and his buddy jono from adventures on the west coast of new zealand
i can't even tell you how nice it is when you are a long way from home on a serious kayaking mission to run into a homeboy you last saw on a successful kayaking mission a long way from home. after some hugs, handshakes, and catching up we were off in search of trouble.
first stop: a relatively chill day on the upper myrkdalselva.
here's jono. a little over-exposed dropping in on one of the first rapids:

photo by mw

amos in the meat at another drop on the upper myrk:

photo by mw

the upper myrkdalselva comes in when the lower section is too high, relatively early in the melting season. a good run. a nice warm-up for this crew. we were late in the afternoon getting to this one, but there were only two major obstacles. and we problem solved our way down, getting to the take-out with smiles all around.

next up: the jordalselva. a great run north of town.
here's amos again, lining it up near the top of the jordalselva:

photo by mw

amos watching his buddy rolf from the american northwest, same:

photo by mw
amos and rolf paddled together in the pacific northwest and british columbia last fall and were hoping to meet up after discovering they were both going to be in norway at the same time. unfortunately, amos spaced on bringing rolf's number along. but as it turned out, rolf was cruising around with jono and eden.

eden has been loving his norwegian paddling trip so far. he quit his job as a geologist in new zealand to come to norway in search of adventure and hopefully some employment soon as well. he has been borrowing that full-face helmet, because he left his behind "with this girl in switzerland".
eden, unemployed:

photo by mw

eden, neck deep. kayaking plenty, working none:

photo by mw

and now to the highlight of the jordalselva, a big one:
amos, in his words "getting dirt nasty"

photo by mw

the author, searching:

photo by amos shuman

the author, at the bottom, announcing the beginning of a hiatus from kayaking:

photo by amos shuman

stay tuned for stories to come of some very special visitors...
same blog time, same blog channel.


paddlefreek said...

damn, you boys know how to have a good time. I wish i was as photogenic as you two.

Anonymous said...

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