Sunday, March 04, 2007

sticky feets

home again, home again. jiggity jogg. more than likely a seventh generation texan who refers to the western carolina mountains as "home" is guilty of blaspheming and destined for a lone star purgatory.

photo by mw
i timed my return perfectly for a little outdoor recreation, rolling in mere hours before warm, wet temperatures brought the rivers to levels not seen in months. of four days at home, two have been logging vertical feet: a day boating the various sections of the little pigeon river on clingman's northern back and another in the grand canyon of the south east: linville gorge.

(l to r) caleb and jeb stay attentive to local master howard tidwell's detailed smoky's river beta at the lower west prong take out.

photo by mw

dusk on the linville. downstream of connelly cove, a good bit still left to descend before the get out. "let's get out of here before it gets dark"

photo by mw

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Philly said...

i'm so f**king jealous