Sunday, December 18, 2005

p bearski's southeastern tour

philly's out of school and came over to the asheville area to spend some quality time with his brother: quality time on the river. i've done my best to take him around to the spots. mom was giving him are hard time for not comming home earlier; so here's some photo evidence of his reasons for staying:

philly at the culasaja:

photo by mefford williams

philly getting his portage on:

photo by mefford williams

philly at the little T wave:

photo by mefford williams

we used to call the bearski "philly beep", but i'm proposing that be changed to "philly boof"

photo by mefford williams

hey philly, what's over that horizon line? next week in dallas, that's right.

photo by mefford williams

here's philly enjoying his quality time on the rivers

photo by mefford williams

maggy just arrived back from her trip yesterday; so we'll be sure to have a fun-filled sibling week before returning to the birthland of Texas. more love later.


Anonymous said...

The next time I come through, I think that I'll send my kids to knitting camp. To heck to with encouraging children to love each other, the out of doors, and water. What was I thinking?

Thanks for "sharing the love." I do so love you and enjoy seeing your talents in action! But, come home and see the mom!!


Mefford said...

we are comming home, mom. next week in dallas is just over the horizon line.

Shanna said...

Some great photos of the bearski. Good post.